Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Ready to go,last days in Germany (english version)

It’s December the 14th , 2011, my trip to India lies ahead.
My condition is worse than ever.
It has slowly been creeping over me for the past days.
My current almost intolerable symptoms have doubled.
Light sensitivity, tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness, headaches,
neck stiffness, chronic stomach and bowel infections,
profound weakness and many more symptoms have been with me for days.

And even then I want to leave, to reach India as fast as possible.
I have nothing to lose.

India. A distant land with a culture unknown to me filled with poverty and chastised by a caste system.
A whole new world. And maybe with a cure for my suffering:
The Nutech Mediworld in Delhi.
All those who come here have reached the end of all possible treatments, the end of the line.
There is no other hope anymore other than in this.
But I know that all that counts is my will.
My will to live, my will to put an end to the suffering.
And I know that before me lies a long and rocky road.

I wonder how I will last the flight and if it is even possible to sustain the strain of this journey.

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